Industries in which we operate.

Shifting into high gear and running Projects efficiently, requires context experience. GHYSELS is at home in various industries:

Manufacturing & Production

The high-quality and specialist manufacturing industry is an important economic driver in the Netherlands.

Pharma & Life Sciences

With more than 3,000 organizations, the Life Sciences, Pharma and Biotech market has been designated by the Netherlands as a sector with economic importance.


The contribution of Dutch companies to the global automotive sector is larger than you might think.

Research & Development

R&D is a Project environment par excellence. In this dynamic and comprehensive field of work, every issue is unique.

Aerospace & Defense

The economy of The Netherlands is inextricably linked to aviation. This small country is big player in aviation expertise.

Consumer Goods

A broad market area with a clear focus on speed, service and price.

Semicon & Hightech

The semiconductor and high-tech industry produces many essential components for today's society.


MedTech is a market with many faces, with products ranging from braces to MRI scanners and from crutches to surgical robots.

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