MedTech is a market with many faces, with products ranging from braces to MRI scanners and from crutches to surgical robots.


The Medical sector covers all domains in healthcare: diagnostics, curative care and long-term care. The speed of innovation is high in this industry, partly because patents, data and market exclusivity have a short turnaround time. In addition, Europe has a decentralized market authorization procedure. The KPMG report "The MedTech Market of The Netherlands" (2018) shows that the Dutch market for medical has a size of about € 4.7 billion.

Technology Mix

The use of technology is ubiquitous in Medical. Examples include nano and sensor technology, photonics, robotics and digital developments such as artificial intelligence, the use of Big Data, VR / AR and IoT. Upcoming technologies in health care are also: 3D printing, robots and sensors (also wearables). Professionals with work experience in one or more technology domains can truly indulge themselves in Med Tech.

High-quality development

Project Management in Medical is mainly aimed at keeping costs and planning under control and the time-to-market as short as possible. The sector is a challenging international work environment where success is determined by high-quality prototyping and development, extensive testing in accordance with standards and regulations and a good process for industrialization and commercialization.

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