Semicon & Hightech

The semiconductor and high-tech industry produces many essential components for today's society.


In this hugely capital and knowledge-intensive industry, the requirements are sky-high. High-tech machine builders combine precision and speed to an unprecedented level. With a number of leading players, The Netherlands occupies an excellent position on the high-tech world stage and works in areas such as chip lithography, semiconductor design and production, photonics, 3D printing, mechatronics, Big Data and the Internet of Things.


Projects in this field are characterized by an enormous complexity and time pressure. Many technical disciplines (software, electronics, mechanics, optics, physics) must be aligned in order to achieve great results. Teams are often scattered around the world, resulting in time differences, and barriers in language and cultural. Production and development takes place at the cutting edge of technology.


Project Management in Semicon & Hightech is a method to keep costs and planning controllable, work effective and efficient and quality at the highest possible level. The characteristics in this field are challenging and success is determined by a clear common goal, tight management of planning and the ability to bring different worlds (in distance and in technical discipline) smoothly together.

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