The contribution of Dutch companies to the global automotive sector is larger than you might think.

Automotive knowledge land

Although the Netherlands does not have an industrial volume such as car countries France, Germany and Italy, Dutch companies contribute a great deal of knowledge to the Automotive sector. Especially in the field of Smart Mobility and connectivity, the sector contributes to the answer to future challenges.


The world of the car and transport is changing rapidly and dramatically. Project Management in Automotive is characterized by high complexity, high innovation and a continuous play of forces with international standards. As vehicles become more 'connected' and 'self-driving', the share of software in the field increases. Innovations are brought by both large established names and small start-ups.

High-quality development

Project Management in Automotive is mainly aimed at keeping costs and planning manageable, work effective and efficient and quality at the highest possible level. The Automotive is a challenging work environment where success is determined by high-quality prototyping and development, extensive testing in accordance with international standards and regulations and a good process for industrialization and commercialization.

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