Aerospace & Defense

The economy of The Netherlands is inextricably linked to aviation. This small country is big player in aviation expertise.


Thanks to the large concentration of experts and manufacturing companies, the Dutch aircraft industry (commercial and defense) has a strong international position. Dutch companies contribute to almost every aircraft currently flying or being built.


Projects in this work area are characterized by complexity, time pressure and a high level of security due to the sensitivity of the information. Many technical disciplines (software, electronics, mechanics, optics, physics) have to be aligned in order to realize the advanced new systems. These teams are often spread over various locations and all deliver components to a large assembly & test location.


Project Management in the Dutch aviation industry is mainly about increasing the driving force. This world is driven by continuous development, innovation and improvement. Dutch companies therefore frequently work together within an ecosystem of technical universities, research institutes and specialist companies in the field of prototyping and testing. In addition, start-ups in aviation are increasingly playing a role of importance in pioneering innovations within the sector.

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