Pharma & Life Sciences

With more than 3,000 organizations, the Life Sciences, Pharma and Biotech market has been designated by the Netherlands as a sector with economic importance.


The Pharma & Life Sciences industry is characterized by innovation. In the industry there is intensive cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions and the government. And the last decade more and more start-ups emerge. When it comes to a product or a medicine, to route to market is usually a long process due to high requirements and complex regulations. Companies have to deal with the implementation and valorization of scientific research, clinical trials, registration of medicines and medical devices, patents & licenses and complex revenue models.

Niches and data

Major trend in the Pharma & Life Sciences industry is specialization. Companies increasingly choose for niche markets and collaborate with other companies to increase effectiveness, position and innovative power. The rise of data is also an important new movement in the market. The goal is to work more accurately and reliably.


Project management in Pharma & Life Sciences is a method to keep costs and planning manageable, work effective and efficient and quality at the highest possible level. The international and knowledge-intensive work area make this challenging work environment.

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