About Us

We propel companies forward in R&D and Industrialization by providing them with the right solution at the right time. We accomplish this by connecting them with our network of project management and consultants specialized in high-tech. As a recruitment advisory firm, we are recognized for our personal and transparent approach, as well as our understanding of the specific challenges in the manufacturing industry.

Located at the High Tech Campus in the Brainport region of Eindhoven, Where we thrive in knowledge sharing and innovation within a rapidly evolving environment.

About Bart Ghysels

Founder and Director Bart Ghysels has years of experience as a consultant and business development manager within the technical industry, including Philips and ASML. Don't engage GHYSELS for a quick fix because Bart's vision is based on partnership: Supporting each other progress based on a foundation of trust and for the long term. In his free time, Bart is dedicated to personal development and enjoys being in the boxing ring and on the surfboard. See Bart's LinkedIn profile for more information. 

About Karin Rosch

Advisor and coach Karin Rosch, with over 30 years of experience in project management at companies such as Philips and VDL, has seen and experienced it all. She provides Project Management training, advises companies in establishing their PM organization, and coaches project managers. For GHYSELS, she serves as a personal mentor and coach for every professional starting through us for a period of six months. She holds up a mirror while keeping them calm, focused and working structured within the complex and dynamic context in which they operate.

About us

Are you in an organization with a challenging project? Or are you a candidate who is ready to perform PM magic? Feel free to contact us. We like to think with you and love to help you progress.


We like to give you advice!

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