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Bringing people and missions together, requires insight. GHYSELS is happy to start the exploration with you.


I am a client and I’m looking for a Project Manager

GHYSELS analyzes the situation and recruits, selects and places as required.

I am a Project Manager and open to a new challenge

GHYSELS explores competencies, matches you with the client and coaches you in your new position

Type of projects

A selection of the types of Projects for which you can engage GHYSELS:


• Projects with a technical complexity that are new to the organization (such as scale-ups)
• New activities for the organization such as product development processes from R&D
• Setting up or supervising product introductions in manufacturing environments (NPI)
• Projects with very challenging deadlines


• Setting up a quality management system (QMS)
• Setting up a project management office (PMO)
• Setting up Product Life Cycle management
• Creating a customized Project Management manual
• Implementing improvement processes with emphasis on Project Management maturity


• (re) structuring, reorganizing departments or processes
• Guiding Projects according to a new way of working
• Coaching / training of Project Managers and Project stakeholders
• Preparing an organization for the next phase of operational excellence or growth

And we offer suitable answers to many more questions.

Business cases.

During our daily work we collect interesting cases. We present them here.

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Are you in an organization with a challenging project? Or are you a candidate who is ready to perform PM magic? Feel free to contact us. We like to think with you and love to help you progress.

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