Recruitment Agency for Project Managers: 4 Steps to Your New Challenge

The most exciting challenges are often heard about too late. The project is already underway. That's why it's crucial that we start the conversation now. We are constantly in touch with the market and support ambitious organizations in realizing their plans. Do you want us to introduce you to a suitable challenge? In this blog, you'll learn how we, as project managers, help you take four steps toward a new opportunity.

1. Tell Us Who You Are

Finding the perfect project for you starts with knowing who you are. You reach out to us, or we approach you.

During an initial (phone) conversation, we quickly discover what you're looking for and what's important to you. You undoubtedly have a strong opinion about the type of company that suits you, the projects and challenges you prefer, and why you're looking for something new.

We can quickly assess whether we can be of assistance to you. If that's the case, we schedule an intake with you for an initial introduction. This can be done via Teams or at our office on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. You'll also get a glimpse of where our networking events take place. While we are familiar with your LinkedIn profile, we ask you to send us your CV before the conversation.

During the introductory meeting, we extensively discuss your work experience and competencies, as well as your style, ambitions, desired roles, and the business context. We also talk about the choices you've made in your career. It's important for us to understand what truly drives you and what you genuinely enjoy doing because that's where your strength lies. We also discuss your notice period, preferences for travel time, salary, and employment conditions.

In short, the introductory meeting is all about you and your preferences. We are good listeners and provide proactive advice on taking the right steps to achieve your goals. We also inform you about vacancies that may suit you.

2. Interview at Your Chosen Company

When we have a match for you, you'll hear about it right away. We don't use a shotgun approach because we listened carefully to you during the intake. When we present a company, a job, and a project to you, we explain why it's interesting for you. For example, it could be an organization with streamlined communication, a non-hierarchical culture, and a high level of responsibility. Once the challenge is clear to you and appeals to you, we schedule an interview for you.

This on-site introduction at the company doesn't obligate you to anything. The idea is for you to take a relaxed look behind the scenes, allowing you to decide if the challenge appeals to you. We ask you to prepare for the interview by researching the company, the interviewers, and the challenge. We will, of course, provide you with information about this. After the interview, you tell us how you experienced it and whether you're ready for the next step.

3. Expressing Expectations to Each Other

After the interview, you tell us about your experience and whether the position, the company, and the team meet your expectations.

Do you still find the company type and culture appealing?

Does the job match the advertised position in terms of responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities for advancement?

Is it clear for both parties what the salary conditions are and what the notice period is?

These are the types of matters discussed during the evaluation.

We also conduct an evaluation with the company. It is our role to clarify the expectations from both sides. We ensure that all parties are on the same page. Additionally, we monitor the speed of the process, so it doesn't take too long before you both take the next step together.

4. Agreement on Employment Conditions and Employment Contract

Because your preferences regarding salary, employment conditions, and notice period are already known to us, we work quickly and efficiently to reach an agreement. Afterward, you will receive a contract.

If it's a project based on secondment, you'll receive this contract from us. If it's a permanent position, you'll receive the contract from the HR department of the company where you'll be working. We review and provide advice on this contract as well. The signing of the employment contract takes place digitally or on-site at your new employer's location.

5. A Strong Start

The beginning of a project and a new job brings uncertainty.

Whether you have a lot or little experience in project management, we believe in personal growth and see every assignment as a new opportunity to grow as a professional. That's why, immediately after your start, we offer you a coaching program.

Over the course of six months, you will work closely with coach and advisor Karin Rosch. With 30 years of project management experience at companies like Philips and VDL, she has seen and experienced it all. She serves as a mirror, providing an external perspective and understanding your challenges. The coaching sessions focus on practical aspects related to the project at hand. You can discuss situations from your project, talk about any struggles you're facing, and seek advice when needed.

Karin is someone who helps you pause and reflect on the right approach and priorities. She assists you in bringing calm, focus, and structure, no matter how complex, dynamic, or hectic your daily reality may be.

We invest in your coaching, much like every top athlete invests in a top coach. The business world is also a competitive arena where accomplishing many tasks alone is challenging. That's precisely why, after your start, we provide coaching to help you establish a strong foundation more quickly.

Where do you want to lead a project soon?

We believe that everyone can benefit from support to bring out the best in themselves, especially at the start of a new job or assignment. If you're a top project, program, or portfolio manager looking to connect with an organization that's moving forward, we might have exactly what you're looking for. As a recruitment, consultancy, and coaching agency, we have a 100% focus on the project management field. You can start as a project manager (on an interim basis, permanent position, or through secondment) in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, R&D, and more. Get in touch with us by calling +316 517 62 117, sending an email to, or visiting our office at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

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