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GHYSELS explores competencies, matches you with the client and coaches you in your new position

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Finding the perfect Project for you, starts with knowing who you are. That’s why we conduct an extensive intake in which we look thoroughly at your experience and competences and more importantly, explore your style, ambitions, desired roles and business context. GHYSELS supports scale-ups up to multinationals and R&D up to industrialization. We’ve got opportunities!

Introduction and placement

Based on market demand, we will present you possible clients and Projects. If you are interested, we will introduce you to our client. We always present at least three candidates to our clients to ensure a perfect match. If both parties find a fit, you can start in your new Project.

Coaching and training

To bring out the best, we believe that every professional can use some support from time to time. That’s why we offer standard coaching for both Project Manager and Project organization. Our seasoned heavyweights will periodically give you pragmatic advice and are always available for ad-hoc questions. GHYSELS chooses not to work with psychologist coaches, but with business context experts. We will support you in acclimatizing fast and achieving the best possible results.

Check for instance, the profile of one of our heavyweights, Jan Cardol.


Contact us

Contact us

Are you in an organization with a challenging project? Or are you a candidate who is ready to perform PM magic? Feel free to contact us. We like to think with you and love to help you progress.

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