Integral Technical Projectmanager

  • Experience in R&D - Industrialisation
  • Experience in the Automotive - , Aerospace -, Medical -, Food- , Pharma -, Life Sciences -, Semicon -, Hightech -, Defense industry
  • Relevant education at University (of Applied Sciences) level
  • 8-12 years of work experience
  • Manages large projects independently
  • Communicative skills in Dutch and English
  • Able to run large projects smoothly

About the position

You are a driven and ambitious Technical Project Manager who independently orchestrates large projects with an extensive project team in which various (technical) disciplines participate. You are able to inform and convince stakeholders of the steps to be taken based on a clear prioritization. With your control of planning, budget and quality you help our clients move forward within the domain of R&D to Industrialization for both corporates and scale-up organizations. These projects can be of different nature and occur in various branches.



This is a job that requires professionalism, expertise and communication. At GHYSELS we therefore work from the following core values:

  • responsible
  • proactive
  • communicative
  • improvement-oriented

To make the best possible match, GHYSELS makes an extensive inventory of both Project (organization) and candidate in advance. We match candidate with Projects based on context experience, competences and ambitions. We also guide you during your first six months with pragmatic coaching by a seasoned Project Manager.


Type of Projects Integral Project Manager

  • Projects with serious (technological) complexity and several stakeholders
  • Budget size: < EUR 10,000,000
  • Project team up to 20 employees
  • 3 year lead time
  • Strategic impact on clients’ market position



We will guide you during the first six months with coaching by a highly experienced project manager. This projectmanager already has experience with the transaction you encounter in your work and often gives you tools to deal with it based on knowledge and often experience. Business cases can be discussed and the approach can be considered.





Contract form and salary range

Contract form: Fixed, secondment, freelance 

Salary range: 70.000 - 100.000